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Property Tax is one of the heaviest burdens that Texas property owners must face.  If you are a property owner, you must fight for a fair valuation.

Texas law provides several opportunities for owners to reduce their property taxes; however, the rules governing these opportunities are complex and ever-changing.

At Estes & Gandhi, P.C., we combine our acute knowledge of Texas markets, valuation strategies, and tax laws to minimize tax liabilities for property owners.

Aggressive pursuit of results and exceptional client service is always the focus at Estes & Gandhi, P.C.


Real estate developers and investment firms continue to find Texas attractive because of its “business friendly” climate.  New investment and development opportunities are constantly investigated and acted upon by new companies backed by both in-state and out-of-state individuals.  It is with these companies in mind that Estes & Gandhi, P.C. has created an incentive package designed to reduce risk for new companies participating in the Texas real estate market.

Income taxes are not assessed in the state of Texas.  Instead, state and local governments derive a significant percentage of their income from local property taxes, and these property taxes place a substantial financial burden on new real estate investments in the state. Estes & Gandhi, P.C. is dedicated to achieving fair property valuations in order to reduce property tax liabilities for Texas property owners.

Estes & Gandhi, P.C. has developed a “New to Texas Real Estate Market” (NTTX) program for real estate investment and development firms new to the Texas market.  This program allows these companies to keep more of their property tax dollars in their pockets by reducing fees for property tax services to levels substantially below the industry standard.  This reduction limits expenses early in the company’s development, when financial support is most needed.

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